Market leaders for 10 years

New Era is a market leader in educational software solutions, specialising in products for primary schools. Our products constantly evolve and we utilise the latest technology to create solutions that are completely in tune with the needs of teachers.

More than a learning platform

DB Primary offers everything that you would expect from a learning platform and a whole lot more. Our curriculum content, automated account provisioning, website and integrated services make us the all round online solution for primary schools with the emphasis firmly on education.

Designed for Primary Schools

Every Child Matters and our products fully support this initiative. With a unique focus on accessibility and primary school education we ensure that every pupil can use DB Primary from their first day at school. Our dedicated themes for each Key Stage also allow the platform to adapt as pupils progress through primary school.

Free unlimited support

We provide unlimited telephone and online support for all teaching staff with an emphasis on helpful immediate responses. Our extensive Help Desk team are on hand to answer any question no matter how small and free refresher training is always available.

The support from DB has been exceptional. Their staff are friendly and well-informed, and always make themselves available to help with technical issues and to assist in training programmes.

Russell Wood, Computing Coordinator at Queen’s Park Primary in Brighton