• Subscribing to DB Primary has changed the way we deliver ICT. The teachers love it and more importantly the children love it and use it all the time!

    Sue Ball, Headteacher at
    Cold Ash St Marks Primary School, West Berkshire
  • Since using DB Primary we have noticed an increase in pupil engagement with technology as well as an increase in the standard of work itself.

    Judith Fudger, ICT Subject Leader at
    Barrington Primary School, Bexley
  • Staff feel confident using DB Primary and communication throughout the school has been transformed.

    Wendi Skinner, ICT Support Teacher at Fairlop Primary School, Redbridge
  • DB Primary is a powerful teaching tool but at the same time, simple to use for staff and pupils regardless of their prior technical exposure.

    Graeme Schofield, ICT Coordinator at
    Essendine Primary School, Westminster
  • DB Primary is transforming the computing skills of both pupils and staff across the school, all within a very safe and user friendly online environment.

    Pete Evans, ICT Coordinator at
    Townsend Primary School, Southwark
  • We are extremely impressed with DB Primary. Our children find it fun and easy to use. Our teachers are enthusiastic and engaged with the resources. Our parents have access to school information in a click of a button.

    Jackie Jones, ICT Coordinator at Field End Junior School, Hillingdon
  • The children love the range of activities and challenges available. Likewise, the teachers enjoy the ease with which children can access the tasks, and that they can continue their learning at home.

    Paul Smith, Computing Coordinator at
    Flowery Field Primary, Cheshire
  • DB’s approach to customer support is a big part of why we opted to use DB Primary in the first place and why I never hesitate to recommend them.

    John Farquar, ICT Technical at
    John Donne Primary, Southwark