Parental accounts can be used to engage parents, report progress and deliver school information.

Easy set up

The automatic parent and child linking feature allows parental accounts to be set up easily on the VLE and ensures the highest level of eSafety. The intuitive design of the parent homepage negates the need of learning platform training for parents.

Parents platform homepage


The gallery function provides a safe place for teachers to share pupil specific information with parents. Assessment data and important information can be presented in a confidential and convenient manner.

Activity log

Schools have the option to allow parents to see a log of their own childs learning platform usage, enabling further involvement from parents in the school community both within and outside of the VLE.

Group information

Letters and important information can be quickly published on mass through the use of parent communities, whilst shared calendars make it easy to keep parents up to date with school events. Locked down parental areas allow schools to embrace multimedia and share videos, documents and pictures in a safe and managed environment within the VLE.